[woodmart_title color=”white” size=”extra-large” title=”GRADIENTS”]
[woodmart_title color=”white” size=”extra-large” title=”TOP – BOTTOM” subtitle=”Linear”]
[woodmart_title color=”white” size=”extra-large” title=”LEFT – RIGHT” subtitle=”Linear”]
[woodmart_title color=”white” size=”extra-large” title=”CENTER – CENTER” subtitle=”Radial circle”]
[woodmart_title color=”white” size=”extra-large” title=”LEFT – BOTTOM” subtitle=”Radial circle”]
[woodmart_title color=”white” size=”extra-large” title=”CENTER – BOTTOM” subtitle=”Radial ellipse”]
[woodmart_title color=”gradient” size=”extra-large” title=”SECTION VIGNETTING” woodmart_color_gradient=”rgba(255, 220, 174, 0.901961)-0/rgba(203, 255, 126, 0.85098)-100/|linear-gradient(left , rgba(255, 220, 174, 0.901961) , rgba(203, 255, 126, 0.85098) 100%)|linear|left” subtitle=”Radial ellipse”]
[woodmart_title color=”gradient” size=”extra-large” title=”SECTION SMOOTH TRANSITION” woodmart_color_gradient=”rgba(17, 66, 101, 0.819608)-0/rgb(0, 196, 255)-100/|linear-gradient(left , rgba(17, 66, 101, 0.819608) , rgb(0, 196, 255) 100%)|linear|left” subtitle=”Linear”]

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