We reside in a world where data can be everywhere, from your news to social media. Companies are taking advantage of that, and many are beginning to disrupt industries in the process. Facebook or myspace, Google, and Uber, to name a few, are all extremely data-driven firms. And even the biggest players in classic industries just like Ford and GM are worried. Here are some tips in making data more useful for you. Manifesto intended for the data environment

The Data Center World meeting delivers industry insight and expert technique for the data center. https://clouddataworld.org/ensure-data-is-safe-in-the-cloud-with-secure-data-room The case explores the latest trends in data centre technology, which includes hyperscale, edge computing, and cloud. You will discover sessions and presenters on every part of running a info center, coming from design and implementation to security and AI. The big event also features networking chances with other experts. There is no better place to network with colleagues and learn about the latest technology in the data center sector.

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