The general principles of placing Limit and Market orders on the futures exchange do not differ from spot. You can place an order by choosing its type, direction, volume, execution price, etc. The minimum leverage is 1x, wherein the margin amount in the order will equal your investment volume as in spot trading. Also, all currency pair settings, such as leverage and margin mode, are set to [10X] and [Cross] by default (Pic. 3). To do so, go to [My exchanges] → [Binance Futures] → [Reset balance] (Pic. 2).

  • The real treasure, however, is TokenTact’s arsenal of cutting-edge automated trading bots.
  • TokenTact is a bot trading platform suitable for any level of trader, but it is fair to say that it is not going after the experienced trader.
  • With that in mind, TokenTact makes it possible for you to connect all your exchanges in one place.
  • For example, 10 small $1,000 trades in a month may cost $60 at Coinbase but a single $11,000 trade only $44.
  • If you click [Continue] now, your bot will immediately start with profitable default settings.
  • For example, in the BTC/USD pair, BTC is base currency (traded currency) and USD is quote currency (i.e. you buy and sell Bitcoin for dollars).

Cryptocurrency exchanges, however, soon saved the day and tamed the wild west. We offer a competitive affiliate program and always look for new cryptocurrency community members to join. If everything is done correctly, you will see Gemini added to the list of your connected exchanges with the Connected status and the trading balance available on your account.

It offers a safe and effortless way to buy, sell, and trade digital assets online across a variety of trading pairs. The combined service is still free to sign up, just like its predecessors. Plus, the company offers a subscription service called Coinbase One, which gives you no-fee trades and other fantastic benefits for a monthly fee of just around $30. TokenTact has emerged as one of the leaders in the crypto trading bot industry. Founded in 2018, TokenTact aims to make cryptocurrency trading accessible for all, with features ranging from automated trading bots to advanced technical analysis.

This may influence which products we compare and the pages they are listed on. Configuring a bot on the platform does not require much knowledge and absolutely no coding knowledge. User reviews of their service are overwhelmingly positive on Trustpilot, Google Reviews, and Reddit. Adnan is a crypto enthusiast who is always keeping an eye on the latest developments in the crypto ecosystem. He is an environmental engineer working on his MBA and has been following innovations in FinTech for several years.

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The early DEXs were rough around the edges — clunky orderbooks, low liquidity, and long wait times to fill orders — not exactly a UX to write home about. To redress multiple issues surrounding early DEXs, there came Uniswap and its game-changing Automated Market Maker (AMM) algorithms. This will open a window where you can add your Gemini API key and Secret key.

The fee structure in place for the standard Coinbase account tends to be costly, although this is improved on Coinbase Advanced. The actual fee amount can depend on several factors, including the payment method, the purchase volume, and prevailing market conditions, including volatility and liquidity. Even though Coinbase has consistently demonstrated commendably high trading volumes and carved itself a significant niche in the cryptocurrency realm by 2023, it’s clear that it’s seen sunnier days. Coinbase offers a seamless entry point for those newly venturing into cryptocurrency investment. With its intuitive interface, educational resources, and strong security protocols, Coinbase stands as an ideal choice for trading and investing in crypto. Users can acquire, store, and track the value of their digital coins over time.

It means that the sell-scaled order can be placed only above the current price. Your Kucoin trading key is successfully created and primed to connect to our platform! Please, copy your API key and Secret key safely before adding them to TokenTact. KuCoin recently enhanced their Know Your Customer (KYC) protocols by implementing compulsory identity verification for all new users starting from August 31, 2023. Note that read and trading must be enabled or your bot will not work, as it does not have the appropriate permissions to trade for you. Beyond trading, Binance also provides a comprehensive learning platform and an NFT platform, though the latter is not yet available to U.S. customers.

However, most of the crypto futures are perpetual, meaning they don’t expire. CFDs are derivative instruments that allow you to speculate on financial markets without taking direct ownership of the underlying crypto. The contract pays the difference between an asset’s opening and closing price. So if you use CFD to short crypto, then a lower price on the close date will net you a profit. If you’re a trader, we have another cool feature that allows you to simultaneously attract new users and share the trading results of your bots. Choose from hundreds of our pre-made profitable strategies that were successfully tested on real data – or make your own.

One time configuration will enable you to set up your orders and leave the system to complete them for you. This will significantly reduce the hassle and eliminate the risk of overnight trading. In this video, we will show you how to set Stop Loss and Take Profit for the Buy entry position on TokenTact platform. This lesson describes the essential part of managing and configuring your Stop Loss and Take Profit order with live comments and instructions for a real-life trading scenario. The primary goal of this video is to let cryptocurrency traders understand the value and basics of TokenTact trading interface, and how to optimize your experience by trading via API. Look at the chart above and imagine that the bot followed the price upwards, repositioning the lower levels.

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